Key Points:

About Me

As a girl with a strong passion for technology, I started diving into the technology world by my Computer Science Degree at the University of Sheffield. The degree gives me exposure to the technology world in different aspects like data science, web development, machine learning and artificial intelligence and motivates me to learn more about these fields in my leisure time.

Other than knowledge and skills, the university provides me with numerous chances to apply what I have learnt through different extra-curricular activities (more in the section below). These activities helped me to develop various skills like teamworking, adaptability skills in a different environment and ability to work under pressure.

In general, I would describe myself as a person with an inquisitive mind and eagerness to learn new things. I always like to come out of my comfort zone and try something new. That is why I love to start different coding projects in my leisure time. It not only allows me to apply what I have learnt to solve some real-world problems but also allows me to notice my strengths and weakness.



The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education

June 2018

7 subjects graded 5** - 4

with 5** in Information and Communication Technology and 5* in Mathematics (Compulsory Part)

UCAS Tariff Points: 146

Working & Volunteering Experience

Junior Software Engineer, Certara UK Limited
( Jun 2020 – Present )
  • Involve in full software development life cycle including design, validation, testing and full customer support
  • Experience in WPF applications using the MVVM pattern and C#
Web Developer, NotiFacts
( Aug 2020 – Present )
  • Involve in the front-end development of the website using Bootstrap and HTML5 and back-end development using Python Flask
Software Engineering Virtual Internship, JPMorgan Chase & Co
( Apr 2020 )
  • Had the opportunity to explore life as a software engineer in Fintech
  • Worked on financial analysis and data visualisation tasks using React, Typescript and Python
International Engineering Ambassador,
University of Sheffield ( Nov 2019 - Present )
  • Responsible for representing the Faculty of Engineering to promote the University to prospective students and answering their enquiries in a professional manner
  • Developed skills in communicating with people from different background
Treasurer, Sheffield Women in Computer Science Society ( Apr 2019 - Apr 2020 )
  • Work with companies in the IT industry like Arm Ltd to promote the role of women within the industry
  • Took up the responsibility to manage and monitor the financial account of the society
Academic Representative ( Sep 2019 - Jun 2020 )
  • Worked alongside the University and Students’ Union to improve students’ education
  • Developed skills in collecting and presenting information better, communicating with people from different backgrounds
Student Mentor for first-year students
( Sep 2019 - Jun 2020 )
  • Provided mentees with advice and support
  • Developed skills in interacting with newcomers in order to comfort and help them to get adapted to the new environment
Regular volunteering in a local NGO, Lai Yin Association Sheffield ( May 2019 – Apr 2020 )
  • Provided technical support to elderly such as teaching them how to use Facebook
  • Developed communication skills like how to explain different technical skills and terms to laypeople in an understandable and straightforward way

Computer Science related Activities

Second Place Winner, HackMed ( Mar 2020 )
  • Worked in a team of four to develop a website to help people suffering speech impairment using the Emotiv wearable EEG and the pepper robot
  • Made use of React, Bootstrap, Flask and Jinja2 to build the website
  • Project Devpost Link
Engineering You're Hired - Internet of Things: Smart Rural Roads ( Feb 2020 )
  • Worked with five students from different engineering disciplines for one week
  • Investigated into different possibilities in designing a smart road in rural road using Internet of Things technology and presented the ideas in various ways like board room, PowerPoint and poster presentations
Sir William Siemens Challenge( Nov 2019 )
  • Built a lift system with a physical model and a virtual model on website to display the provided data in 48 hours with six students from different engineering disciplines
  • Responsible for data manipulation that developed the attention to details
  • Project GitHub Link
Student Mentor for a Python Course,
Code Creators Sheffield ( Oct 2019 - Jun 2020 )
  • Helped to address students’ questions in Python
  • Developed skills in explaining technical concepts and delivering educational materials to laypeople in a simple and logical manner
Python for Web Development Course, Code First: Girls ( Feb 2019 - Apr 2019 )
  • An 8-weeks long course about backend development using Python and Flask
  • Experience in using GitHub and Heroku
  • Delivered multiple projects like a simple translator in a web app form through Python, Flask, Jinja2, Web APIs and HTML etc
Global Engineering Challenge - Apps for integrating transport and payment ( Jan 2019 )
  • Worked with students from different engineering disciplines
  • Developed an intact project plan from design and research to implementation plan for a real-life issue, to integrate transportation methods and allow users to pay using their smartphones in Tamil Nadu

University Projects

Bombe Simulator (Individual Project)
  • Made use of Haskell and functional programming design pattern to build a Bombe simulator to break the Enigma-machine-encrypted messages
  • Project GitHub Link
Software Hut (Group Web Project)
  • Worked with three Computer Science students to build a website in agile with the use of Ruby on Rails and MVC pattern from design to deployment and testing for the School of Health and Related Research to replace the current ACCESS database for the clinical trials support management
OCR Project
  • Built an optical character recognition system that can process scanned book pages and turned them into text using Python and Python packages like NumPy and SciPy (without using the scikit-learn module)
  • Focused on the training process of a classifier for the content of the bounding box of each character (i.e. mapping a set of pixel values onto a character code)
  • The training process consisted of three stages
    1. Dimensionality reduction (Feature Extraction)
      • In this stage, I made use of Principal component analysis (PCA) to reduce 900 pixels to 10 pixels
    2. Classifier Training
      • In this stage, I trained the nearest neighbour classifier to classify different characters and punctations
    3. Error Correction
      • In this stage, I built a program to apply error correction to the result by using the fact that the sequences of characters must form valid words
Group Web Project
  • Worked with six Computer Science students to build a website from design to delivery including detailed analysis on different requirements and its complexity for implementation as well as maintenance
  • Made use of Ruby, Sinatra, SQLite, Bootstrap, CSS and HTML5 to build the website and MiniTest as well as Cucumber to test the website
  • Developed skills in prioritising tasks and dividing a large project into small sections for teamwork

Personal Project

Bank Statement Analysis Application
  • Built an application that analyses users’ bank statement and displays the result through a web interface
  • Built using Python, MySQL, Flask, Jinja2, Bootstrap, Web APIs and HTML5
  • Project GitHub Link


Technical Skills

Website Development (Front End)
HTML5 CSS Boostrap JavaScript
Website Development (Back End)
Python (Flask & Jinja2) Ruby on Rails Ruby (Sinatra)
PostgreSQL MySQL SQLite
MS Office Git Visual Studio TFS
Programming Languages
C# Python Java Haskell Ruby C++
Technical Knowledge
Software Lifecycle Knowledge OOP Paradigms Agile Methodologies Scrum Methodologies MVVM Pattern MVC Pattern Algorithm Design Data Structure UML Diagrams
Debugging Linux Video Editing Machine Learning

General Skills

Communication Skills (Verbal & Written) Team Working Ability to work under tight deadlines Ability to take ownership of projects Ability to work under stress Analytical & Problem Solving Skills Attention to details
Adaptability Eagerness to learn Ability to self learn Planning & Organization Skill Time Management Customer Service Initiative


Cantonese (Native)

English (Proficient)

Mandarin (Proficient)